At the age of 18 after replying to an job advert for a ‘Van Driver’ I soon found myself working on a Wall’s branded ice-cream van owned by Mandredi’s of Sheffield in a self-employed capacity. I instantly loved it and worked hard to build my local round up with a regular customer base and this enabled me to soon purchase my own scoop van – a vintage 1972 Mk1 Ford Transit van.

I soon started upgrading and eventually bought my first whippy van and so “Steve’s Whippy” was born.

I started taking bookings for events small and large and when our kids grew up they also joined the business with our son Brandon and daughters Georgia and Aliesha working with us now too. Over the years I have seen small kids who bought ice-creams from me long ago grow up and now bring their own kids out for ice-creams too! We now have a small fleet of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Whitby Morrison ice-cream vans in our main pink and white livery with our cream van fitting in also. All vans are fitted with our high capacity whippy machines and slush machines and we can provide ice-creams to everyone including those with specific dietary requirements. We aim to provide the very best experience for all our clients and customers.